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. Get your full, dazzling smile back when you visit our office for tooth implants.

Implants are a good option whether tooth decay, injury, or other dental issues have caused the loss of one or more teeth.


If you are missing a tooth and happen to be in the Metropolitan Detroit area, dental implants can easily  be obtained from Dental Inc. II.

Bridges are often considered when you are missing a few teeth, and dentures are another option when missing several teeth. However, an implant is the most durable choice since each one is attached to the bone with a titanium screw. You don't have to worry about getting yet another gap in your smile when you take this route, as this tooth replacement should last for years.

While the cosmetic aspect likely appeals to you, know that you will also find it easier to talk and chew when you no longer have gaps in your smile, so there is also a practical use for tooth implants.

Having an exceptional smile is a desire for people everywhere. Dental implants make up just one procedure that the experts here at Dental Inc. II offer. If you want more information about this or other options, call us to schedule your free consultation.

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